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Coaching and Leadership Development for Healthcare Professionals

Coaching is a powerful tool for organizational success, ideal for physicians, nurses, and administrative leaders.


Why do healthcare professionals need coaching?

Unlike many CEOs, physicians and other healthcare leaders rarely have formal leadership training. The skill sets that make them effective in research or clinical roles are often not the same ones most needed to strategically lead a team or organization. 

Physicians are accustomed to being the expert, less used to seeking input from others, building the alliances, and consensus skills necessary for effective teamwork and leadership. They may also have large gaps in non-clinical knowledge areas essential to their roles such as business practices or finance. Some may have gaps in confidence or be experiencing imposter syndrome.

Physicians are smart, eager for knowledge, and familiar with the model of being coached toward excellence: the model used in academic medical settings. We see coaching as a partnership. Coach and client engage in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaching has been shown to

Decrease Burnout

Increase Resiliency

Improve Work Engagement

Increase Job Satisfaction

Coaching of healthcare leaders is utilized by most major healthcare organizations including Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard, Kaiser Permanente, and Stanford.

Why Santana Dorn Leadership?

Santana Dorn Leadership is an agile, physician-led boutique Coaching and Leadership Development firm specializing in creating customized solutions created from cutting-edge research and extensive healthcare organization experience. We focus on you, your goals, and your concerns to help your high potentials develop the skills, techniques, and proficiencies of great leaders and teams.  Our clients describe us as:

Knowledgeable    Cutting Edge    Forward Thinking     Nimble    Fun

We understand the current healthcare industry challenges and listen deeply to your specific pain points to customize a solution for impact.

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Does your organization need help enhancing its systematic approach to decreasing employee burnout?

We have empirically-based interventions to promote more wellbeing and resiliency across the continuum from system-wide initiatives, coaching at the division or team level, and directly coaching healthcare workers.

What about your onboarding or upskilling processes?

We can help you shorten the time to full effectiveness. We are onboarding experts who can directly coach new appointees through our specialized onboarding process, or we can coach organizational leaders on best practices in onboarding. We have designed tools specifically for onboarding physician leaders.

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Has the escalating rate of change within your organization resulted in teams which are forming, reforming, underperforming or even making errors in important areas?

Let us coach your teams using intentional processes equipping them to form high-performing teams with improved effectiveness, efficiency, and team member engagement.

Do you need help integrating perpetual crisis management mode with deep strategic thinking mode?

We know you're too busy to keep up on the latest research about leadership in the current landscape. Let us be your thought partner to focus on what matters most. We take care of knowing what leaders need to be attentive to in the current business landscape.

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What about succession planning?

We can help you identify what your organization needs to grow forward and learn how to strengthen your talent pipeline to prepare for the future.

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